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Who Viewed My Profile?

Many of us know all to well what the term “feast or famine” means.  It happens consistently especially with freelancers and small businesses.  We get insanely busy working on our client’s needs and then all of a sudden everything is done or on hold and there is nothing to do.  So here is one simple technique we can do whether we are busy or not.

Who viewed my profile?

How many of us actively utilize this feature on our LinkedIn account?  Whether we have a paid or free account, this information is available, if only a smaller amount for free account holders like me.  This feature shows us who has checked our account recently.  These are people that viewed your profile without any “marketing” on your part.  You never know why they viewed it, but this is a lead worth acting on. 

Here’s what you do:

  1. Check your “who’s viewed your profile” feature on LinkedIn. Do this often since if you have a free account, it will only list the past few and older ones will get knocked out.  I usually see about 3 or 4 people and some are usually grayed out.
  2. When you see who has viewed your profile, check out theirs as well. Note what you have in common.  Are they in a similar field or a complimentary field?  Are they someone you could see being a good lead for you and your business?
  3. Now send a connect request to each of them you think would be a good fit. Say something like this in the request.  “I noticed you checked out my profile so I wanted to follow up to see if you were looking for freelance web designers.  I’d love to chat to see if I could help meet your needs.  Feel free to email me at”  If they had been on OpenMail or we had a mutual connection granting me a free InMail, then I would have used that instead, but a note in a request to connect works as a last resort.
  4. When the person gets back to you hopefully it will turn into a good connection. If it doesn’t work out between you, don’t forget to ask if they know anyone.  Always be on the look out for way to network.

Some may say this is a bit like stalking, and it has felt that way to me as well, but after I have done it a few times it has just become my habit.  It only takes a few minutes and then I am back to what I was already doing.

Other people have questioned that if they saw your profile, “Well, wouldn’t they have already contacted you if they were interested?”  Not necessarily.  Looking for freelancers or anyone to work on your website is bit overwhelming.  They may have passed by you for an insignificant reason or maybe they were planning to get back to you.  But when you reach out and follow up, it shows initiative and puts your name back in their mind.  As long as you are qualified, then it significantly increases your chance to be the one they go with.  It narrows their pool of candidates to one.  Either way, you should always be taking the initiative and reaching out.  And if they don’t work with you now, maybe that will change in the future.

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