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Website or Blog

What is right for me?

It seems split between people that have websites and people that have blogs.  Do we truly understand the difference between the two because they are not the same thing.


  • Content is unchanging / static
  • Formalized content
  • One-way communication
  • eCommerce / Transactional
  • Shares info about products and services
  • Virtually universal / almost everyone has a website / virtually a business requirement


  • Content updated regularly
  • Informal presentation
  • Visitors can interact with posts
  • Typically informative / educational
  • Requires regular updates
  • Much fewer people have blogs


Websites are basically a way to present and sell goods and/or services.  It is a place specifically made to promote your skills and offerings to the public.  People expect that when they visit your site, they are looking to buy something.

Often, they can make the purchase directly thru your website or find out how to do it at your store.  They can also find out information about your place of business and other items you offer.

One of the difficulties businesses have is building a relationship with the customer because your site is static.  It does not change and so there is no need for the customer to return to your site.  They have satisfied their needs so there is no point in returning.  Therefore, the relationship has ended.


A blog is the complete opposite of a website.  It is constantly being updated with useful and interesting information.  Customers, new and existing, can repeatedly find new information to satisfy their needs.  The blogger can interact with the customers readily creating discussions that others can also benefit from.  Additionally, blogs provide a way for customers to ask and answer questions as well. 

When it comes to relationships, this is an excellent place to build one with your customers.  As customers interact with the blogger and find beneficial information, the blogger will be seen as an expert and an authority in their field.  Others will come to find answers as well.  This will also promote your product and services.

What is being done in this case is that relationships are growing.  Not everyone that sees your blog will become customers and that is fine.  They don’t feel pressured into buying your product or service and that is quite important.  They are getting to know you as a person and as someone they can trust.

Blogs are built so people can interact.  They let people subscribe and receive updates regularly.  They can automatically receive new information.

In order for blogs to be effective relationship builders, they need to have content added at least weekly, if not more often.  New and helpful information is critical.  This is why customers will continue to return.

Ultimately, they real purpose of a blog is to provide helpful and informative content that people will want to read.  It is not to advertise, but to inform.  It is to build relationships with your customers.  It is to build trust.


WordPress is a great way to fulfill both of these needs.  It creates a way to have the static website, providing useful information on products and services and at the same time it connects they blog to the website, giving a way to build relationships directly with your customer base.  Both websites and blogs are necessary in today’s business world and WordPress solves your needs easily.


Blogs and websites have their individual strengths and weaknesses.  Used together and effectively, you can build your online business most effectively.  Doing this you will see positive results for your long-term business plans.


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