Step-by-Step Marketing Tips

Marketing that is actually useful

Almost every tip I ever find is so vague that it is virtually useless.  I am hoping to end this with the assistance of all those that also contribute by adding step-by-step tips. Enjoy!

Tip #5

Perform website audits

Running a website business?  Offer to perform website audits to gain clients. Here are a few reasons:

-Determining problems in content

-Identifying areas for content repurposing

-Finding content gabs

-Content quality evaluations

-Improvement of information structure

-Better SEO

-Improving organic search visibility

-Stronger content

-Usablity enhancing

-Maximizing conversion rates

Tip #4

“Group” questions on Linkedin

1. Join many groups aligned with your market
  • Need an idea? check out
  • List Item #2
  • List Item #3
2. Search the groups for people posing actual questions
  • Need an idea? check out
  • List Item #2
  • List Item #3
3. Answer these questions and provide value 
  • Don't just try to sell, educate
4. Establish yourself as an expert
  • When you are the expert, people will come to you

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Tip #3

Connected on Linkedin, now what?

Quick tip, whenever someone accepts your invite, send them a personalized message, NOW!

Tip #2

5 “musts” on Linkedin

1. Complete your profile
  • Add more than just what Linkedin asks for
2. Connect with everyone
  • Remember that connections are your lifeblood
3. Endorse and Recommend others
  • When you endorse others, others will endorse you
4. Start your own group
  • Over time, your group, and your target pool, will expand greatly
5. Optimize your profile for searching
  • Make SEO your friend, even on Linkedin

Tip #1 

Cold Marketing on Linkedin

1. Choose a niche and company size to focus on for your business
2. Search Linkedin under your niche
  • Don't forget the "people also viewed" section
3. Look for 1st connections you can leverage for referrals
  • Contact ALL of them
4. Next look for other businesses in your size range
5. Search these businesses for decision makers
5. Connect and write them a  personalized message
  • Track those that answer and always thank them

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