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Strategic Landing Pages

An essential part of your effective website

Landing pages should be an integral part of your website.  These pages are different from regular pages found in your menu, in fact these pages are often not even part of your standard menu.  They are created with a singular purpose.  Usually this purpose is derived from a marketing effort you are working on. 

If you are targeting a specific customer with an email campaign, then this landing page would be created specifically for them.  Or if you are sending a holiday email then the landing page would be holiday themed.  Your email campaign would link directly to this page and usually have offers or specific actions you want your visitors to take.  In an ongoing marketing campaign, many landing pages are created over time.

So what makes the perfect landing page?  There is no exact recipe or criteria since all campaigns are different and have specific goals, but there are 10 rules to be followed for strategic landing pages to be effective.

1. Page headlines and ad content

Landing page headlines (h1) should and the advertisement should compliment each other.  It should also contain searchable keywords to help your Google ranking.  Additionally, your AdWords score lets a site discover your cost-per-click.  This score can be improved as your advertising copy and landing page copy are consistent

2. Crystal clear headlines

This is the first thing a visitor will see.  Make sure your headline is intriguing and draws the reader to want to view more of your content.  Make the headline specific to get the visitor instantly engaged.

3. Correct Grammar

Trust is always paramount with website content.  A visitor is at your site to gain information or to make a purchase. Your grammar can go along way to build that trust or make you appear disreputable.  Make sure you sound professional and clear.

4. Create ways to build additional trust

How do we build trust with a complete stranger?  We add testimonials, especially ones that can be verified.  Ask customers to write reviews.  When a visitor can see the review is from a verified person (google reviews or Facebook reviews) then your trust improves.  Some sites use verifiable 3rd party sites where reviews can be left.  Many companies using this type of service found a significant and measurable increase in sales and revenue.

5. Powerful call-to-actions

Now that you have a visitor looking thru your content, don’t let them slip away.  Ask them to engage with your website. Share a free download or offer a free service, just get them to do something.  Remember the way you word your call to action is also important.  Test out a few over time to see what is the most effect for your site.

6. Prominent Buttons and call-to-actions

Make sure your call to actions and buttons don’t get lost in the copy.  They should stand out or be larger or a different color.  Make sure its easy to find and easy to use. 

7. Strategic Links

Everyone talks about adding links for additional information to your site and the same goes for landing pages.  This does not mean to link every one of your blog articles to the page though.  Limit your links and make them valuable.  Make sure there is a great reason for every link you add.

8. Add images and video

Image literally are worth a thousand words.  Break up your text with compelling images and useful videos.  They should amplify your message and be memorable.

9. Positioning is everything

Make sure your most important information is immediately visible without having to scroll.  A visitor should know right away what they are going to be getting without having to find it.  Keep your most important information at the top.

10. Test, test, test

You should always be improving your site and campaigns.  The best way to do this is to test your work over and over.  Implement analytics with your landing pages, campaigns and website.  Then make a small change and test to see if your conversion improves or falls, then test the next part.  Always look for ways to improve your message.

There is no such thing as a perfect landing page since as I just stated you need to be constantly testing your message, but hopefully these 10 points will help you improve your business and message.

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