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Reviews: Mandatory

When I was a teenager, I wanted to buy a stereo system.  While I was saving my money, my dad kept dragging me to store after store, researching any stereo brand that was remotely in my budget.  It took over a month before he was satisfied with our decision.  In the moment I hated it, but I learned a valuable lesson.  Now whenever my kids come to me saying they want to buy something they already know that they need to tell me of the research they also did. Virtually every time we buy something on Amazon, we check the reviews.  If they are high enough then we purchase the item.  I would bet that many people out there are just like me.

  • 88% of people consider online reviews on par with personal recommendations. 
  • 89% of people have real reviews to determine the quality of a local business
  • 85% of people read at least 10 reviews to form an opinion
  • 72% of people say that positive reviews make them trust in a local business more

What does all this information mean?  It means that reviews are crucial to our business. If we don’t have them then we need to get them.  If we do have them then we need to do something with them.

Ask for reviews

Most of the time people don’t just go and post a review, unless it is going to be negative of course.  We need to be proactive about getting reviews.  Did you know that Google will rank your site higher if you have more reviews?  There are many reasons why we should have reviews. 

Clerks can ask customers for reviews at checkout

It can be printed on your receipts

Send a follow up email asking for a review

Post your reviews

Now that you have more reviews than you know what to do with what are you going to do?  Find a way to post them on your site.  Gone are days when you can just write the quote since we never know if the review is real.  But there are ways to link your reviews live on to your site.  If you are on WordPress like I am, there are plugins to link your Google (and other) review to your site.

Put them in multiple places

Where do your customers look for reviews?  Are you a restaurant and most people search thru a travel app?  Then collect reviews there.  Are you selling products on Amazon?  Then seek reviews there.  Are you a web design agency that gets organic business thru Google searches…?  I think you get the picture.

Ultimately the more reviews the better where ever they come from.

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