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Hobbies of a Web Designer

One of my passions/hobbies/therapies is woodworking.  I find that so few people do it any more, but my dad was amazing at it and he taught me to have a passion for it.  I’ve been building stuff for the past 35 years and in the past 15 years there has rarely been a time when I haven’t had at least 2 projects going. 

One of my latest projects was our screened porch.  We moved to a new home 2 years ago and it had raised deck on the back.  We decided it was time to add a roof and screen it in.  this is not something that I hire out though.  As an architect and woodworker, the project was going to be all mine

Tear down

Wo where do we start?  After getting a permit, our plan was to keep the structure of the back porch, but to remove the existing rails and extend the porch out another 3 feet.  Rather than adjusting the posts, wanted to cantilever the deck out the 3 feet.  This meant I needed to hire an engineer to tell me what I already knew, but the city required it.  Soon all the old railings were removed and all the decking boards taken off


Carefully walking just on the joists, I added the new structure boards to extend the deck and added the bracing, attaching all with some massive bolts.  It was amazing how this small change made the deck look so much bigger.  We added the porch screen just under the decking boards and added the new deck.  Beautiful. 


This porch was going to have massive openings rather than tons of posts so the roof and walls needed to be designed accordingly.  All my new posts rose directly above the lower posts and new bracing and in no time the screen porch “room” was coming together.  The roof would be next


The roof was the hardest part.  This had to be tied into the existing house and be water tight.  I played with ideas of exposed trusses or open web structure, but after talking it over with my wife, we settled on a beautiful design I helped someone else create years before.  We beveled over 50 2×6 boards and added them on top of 3 custom trusses I already built.  The effect was awesome.  Shortly after this was completed, we had hurricane Florence pass thru.  Not only did I located one small leak I was able to fix, I also found the roof was truly secure from the wind.


Next, we wired in some ceiling fans and hidden LED lighting.  We added two stain colors, one new and one that matched our existing trim color.  We also left the floor and ceiling with a clear coat.  Next step is to find the right furniture (my wife’s decision) and add the screen.  What do you think?

So where does web design fit into this story?

Many people have a website and it could be a very nice website, but through neglect or bad decisions, the website has grown into something that just needs work.  Like the porch, the structure could be kept.  It was small and basic, but a good start.  It’s like converting your 1 page website into a full and complete site.  It means expanding a few snippets of information into complete pages with well formed ideas.  It means adding marketing tools and email collections.  It means having call to actions.  Soon your site will be working for you, rather than just a small brochure

Many people have hobbies outside of their careers.  I love creating web sites, making them beautiful yet fully effective and functional.  What else do you do?

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