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“When can you help with my renderings?”

Many clients have asked me at what point I can start to help with rendering their projects.  The simple answer is at any stage, but let’s break it down to what that really means.  Also having a background and degree in architecture gives me a unique advantage over many other rendering companies.

Can I work with REVIT? Yes

I only have the building designed.  Can you add the site and entourage? Yes

Another client called about a condo project they were designing in REVIT.  REVIT is fast becoming a widely used and often required design tool.  Many cities and principalities require that REVIT be used in designing their projects, but from my perspective it was still no problem to also create their renderings. 

REVIT lets you export to 3D CAD and from there it can be imported into Sketchup.  The model was provided as well as a sketch of what the site would look like.  In this case it was simply a streetfront with specified setbacks.  In no time the site, cars, trees and people were added to the model and the rendering began.  This project was located in Florida so appropriate trees and surroundings were added to bring the image to life.


Can you work with CAD? Yes

I have the building and site rendered, but no entourage added.  Can you render this? Yes

One client designed a college classroom building in a downtown setting and already had the building and immediate site built in 3D.  to complete this project though, some surrounding “city” needed to be added to make the image complete.  The CAD files were provided and photos / streetviews of the surrounding area.  We chose views of the project and found all we really needed was the edges of a few buildings built to complete the model.  With the pictures provided, we were able to build appropriate models to complete the setting and the rendering was soon completed.


Can you work with SketchUp?Yes

I have the 2D drawings ready, but nothing modeled.  Can you help? Yes

Another project provided was a large shopping center.  Plans and elevations were ready but nothing was modeled.  This again was a project that was no problem to complete.  Whether the plans are delivered as pdf files or CAD files, we are able to create the model and provide several views for the client to consider.  In this case we chose a view centered on the main connecting tower in the shopping center.  People, trees, cars and small details were added to the final image and again a beautiful image was the final product.

Can you design my project? Yes

I had a client call one day saying they were slammed with work.  They had a interior project deadline coming and had no time to work on it.  Previously they had met with their client and presented inspirational pictures showing the styles they wanted to use in their design.  The client had approved them.  The problem now was they needed not only the renderings, but they design as well.  This is obviously a rare situation, but I was happy to help. 

Starting from the beginning designing in 3D, I quickly massed out the space and started designing according their the sample pictures. Almost immediately the ideas formed into real designs and the my client was excited to see where things were going.  In the end, we produced several SketchUp views of the space they could show to their client.


In the end

In the end it doesn’t matter what stage your project is in, it can easily be rendered into digital watercolor or photoreal.  It can even be left as schematic views and shown to the client as process images.

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