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Proposal Graphic Certifications?

Recently I was asked if there was a certification for proposal graphic artists.  That I know of there is not.  I searched online and saw one class sponsored by a proposal graphics company, but nothing else.  

FREE Website Stimulator Session

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Is there a use for Animated Video?

Did you know that currently over 60% of all media viewed online, especially on social media, is in the form of video?

The Beauty that is Digital Watercolor

Personally I still love the technique.  So How are they created?

Proposal Graphics Certifications

Recently  a question was posed, “are there certifications for proposal graphic designers?”


Marketing with Infographics

Infographics, the use of graphics to portray information, can be an amazing tool when used correctly.

Architectural Websites with a Purpose

Is your website designed with a purpose?  I talk to many people in the architectural industry that, for all intents and purposes, view their website simply as their portfolio.

Bad Architectural Websites Hurt

Architects are in the business of Design and yet many of them have harmful websites.  Low quality pictures of past projects, a lack of information about the company, and a sub par layout.

Connecting Proposal Graphic Artists with Proposal Managers

What is the best way to connect the designer with the manager? I have worked on several proposals with several managers. My most useful way has been to contact people directly that are in the proposal field thru Linkedin. What is your best way?

Needs vs. Wants for Website Upgrades

In an ever changing world, any savvy business owner should be constantly asking themselves if their web presence is what it should be. There is always some new gadget or technology that came out yesterday that you probably need. If you don’t get it will your business suffer?

Digital Watercolor Renderings

Recently finished another architectural digital watercolor.  While I do both types of renderings, I love digital watercolors much more than photoreal.  There is just something so “artistic” about them.  What do you think?

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