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Marketing your Web Design Services

5 Easy Ways to Market your Web Design Services Immediately

Wouldn’t it be great if you could gain client and spread the word without lifting the phone or sending an email?  Well there are a few ways you can do just that. Let’s go over a few that seem easy but may have slipped you mind.

Marketing thru friends and family

Usually these people have your best interests in mind.  As long as you don’t ask them too often, they probably would give serious thought on how they can help you.  When you hear that one of them is getting a new job or a promotion, congratulate them and then ask if they think anyone at their old job could use their services.  Soon you can also ask if their new job could use your help as well.  Another way that I have found very helpful is not just asking them if they know anyone, but take the work out of the question.  You are wanting them to help you so you ought to be the one putting in the majority of the effort.  Ask them for 2 references rather than just saying “do you know anyone…”  this way they have a specific number of people.  Also specify exactly the type of person you are wanting to meet.  “I am looking to meet managers in your marketing department.”  that is a much different question than “do you know anyone….”  We have taken the possible number down to a small handful and the potential that they could be useful to your business has risen dramatically.

Email signature

How many people do you email daily?  Do all those people know what you do?  Could any of them possibly help you meet your next client?  Make sure that your email signature is helping you daily.  Make it something that catches their attention.  Instead of just listing you name and contact info, include a picture of your services or something humorous.  Whatever you do make it clear what you do so that every email you send from now on also becomes an advertisement of your services.  I was told of a writer I know that landing a recurring freelance job simply because she listed her services on her email signature.  Pretty awesome!

Advertise on your website

Always make sure your website is targeted and working for you.  There are many sites out there that are basically a stagnant online brochure.  They are not targeted or specific.  A visitor has to work to find out what the company actually does.  If your site is like this then it needs a change.  Average time of visitors on a website continues to drop so you only have a few moments to get your message across.  Additionally, if you offer several niche services, you could also have a feature section that helps promote some of your lesser know talents.  If you have done work for some big-name companies don’t forget to include that on your site as well.  I mean talk about an endorsement!

LinkedIn profile

How much time do you spend on LinkedIn?  I know that I spend a lot of time promoting my services on this business focused social media platform.  I see that a lot of the people I reach out to end up looking at my profile.  So the question is does my profile help them decide to reach out to me or to stay away.  Your profile is a great place to add your skills and examples of your work for all to see.  At a glance, the visitor sees your accomplishments and strengths and if you have set it up correctly, they will reply to you asking for your help.  LinkedIn is an essential business tool in today’s online world.

Business cards

7 square inches of real estate dedicated to you and your services.  What a great little tool.  These cards often are handed out by the dozens and sit in piles on another’s desk.  Then one day that person flips thru them and they will either stop at your or flip right by it.  So, what are they going to do with yours?  Will they instantly see that you are a web designer or will your card be just another that collects dust.  One thing that many people also forget that 7 square inches is one side of the card.  That means that you actually have 14 square inches.  What could you do with double the space to influence your next client to call on you?

There are certainly more ways to be seen without lifting a finger, but these are a few to consider adding some extra TLC.  Good luck

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